5 Free Green Apps for iPhone to Make You Smile

The average american spends 4.7 hours a day on their smart phones* and Australian’s spend 18 hours a month on smart phone apps alone!* But never fear in those many endless hours we spend staring at our glowing screens we can start to educate ourselves on how to become a little greener each day! So here is our top 5 Green Apps for iPhone to help you through-out the day.

Naturespace – Relax Meditate Focus Sleep – Get It Here

Naturespace helps you stay in tune with your inner peace and the world that surrounds us. With this meditation app you can drift away in a tranquil state, by finding serenity in any of their worldly inspired sounds from photosynthesis to the majestic call of the wolf.

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MyEarth – Track Your Carbon- Get It Here

MyEarth is such a nifty app that helps you keep track of your carbon foot print. The app sets you up with little activities such as turning off the lights, shorter showers to unplugging your charger. Once you add the activity a friendly polar bear notification will pop up to remind you of your eco task. By the end of the week you can calculate your impact.

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Simply Yoga – Get It Here

Simply Yoga let’s you explore the world of yoga with video personal trainer who takes you step by step through all routines from Sun Salutations to Crescent Moon Pose. The app gives you an option of 20, 40 or 60 minute yoga sessions so you can build up as your strength and inner peace increases.

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GoodGuide – Get It Here

GoodGuide is a tiny app with a powerful punch for shoppers with a eco mind frame. With a scan as you go function, the GoodGuide helps breakdown all aspects of the brand from ingredients to a rating out of 10 for health, environment and society.

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Buy Up Index – Get It Here

Buy Up Index is a incredible little app that truly let’s you have the power of your dollar when shopping. This ethical app takes the guess work out of wondering what are the ethical efforts or practices of beauty brands or food products that you purchase everyday. Ou can search any brand, any product even cellphones! This is definitely the app to have to help make the world a better and safer place.

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