5 Monday Pick Me Up Smoothies

As Monday rolls around most people run to the nearest coffee, but have you ever wanted to start of your week just a tad different? Add a bit of sunshine to your Mondays, that makes you feel like screaming “Monday is a good day, I love mondays!” For some people this seems like a far off concept to grasp but never fear, we are here to offer an alternative. At The Great Beyond HQ, we love a good sunrise smoothie, a bit of colour, fruit and love goes a long way on a Monday. So let’s count down our favourites food blogs 5 Monday Pick Me Up Smoothies!

1. Island Mango Goji Berry Sunrise Smoothie by Half Baked Harvest

I mean who doesn’t want to feel they have escaped to a tropical island on Monday, check out the full recipe here.

2. Cherry Revitaliser Smoothie by Averie Cooks

Mmmm add some delectable cherry to your Monday, get the full recipe here.

3. Kale Sunrise Green Smoothie by Cafe Johnsonia

Want to start your week with a superfood kick start? Try the recipe for this morning smoothie here.

4. Triple Berry Smoothie by A Beautiful Mess

All the berries in the world, to paint a beautiful rainbow for your Monday pick me up, get the recipe here.

5. Coconut, Vanilla & Almond Butter Smoothie by With Salt & Wit

Prefer something more wholesome? With a nutty twist this smoothie recipe is for you, get the recipe here.

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