5 ways to be more green!

It doesn’t take much convincing to fall in love with our planet earth, just by looking out your window you can see the luscious trees or the mystical blue sky. So why not take a moment in your daily routine to make this beautiful place we call home a little bit better? Find below 5 ways to make yourself more green

1. Get outside and have a look!

This one is really easy for everyone, wether before you have breakfast or on your lunch break at work. Take a moment to go outside and breathe some of that fresh air. Not only will you feel more at ease through-out your day, it has been proven that spending time with nature can increase your creativity, curiosity and problem solving ability. Just check out this infographic from CottageCountry and The David Suzuki Foundation

2. Reuse that bag

For all those avid fashion shoppers, this tip is more than easy to apply. When shopping in fashion boutiques or stores, you know you will leave with a pretty sturdy and beautiful bag. A majority of times they can be reused, wether its for grocery shopping. You can always fold it down and keep it in your handbag. Otherwise there is always funky options from EcoBags.com who offer a fun range of customisable bags to suit your everyday needs!

3. Eating locally 

Everyone loves food, but trust us the taste is sweeter when it comes straight from your backyard! That’s why eating locally is such a great and easy concept to apply, next time you go out make sure to check the cafe or restaurant to see if they source their food locally. There’s plenty of options in your home town and you will be pleasantly surprised how a simple action like this will not only increase your community awareness but the love for where you live!

4. Ditch that plastic bottle!

Plastic bottles have definitely had their day and the rise of the reusable bottle is here! Not only is it a good way to reduce the production of plastic and the waste it leave behind but it will keep you away from bad toxins that can come from plastic bottles. Even buying BPA Free and environmentally bottled water and then re-using that bottle is a great way to get yourself into the habit! Trust us you will make a difference, check out the facts from Greenpeace on the damage of a plastic bottle.

5. Take a power nap

Let your laptop, TV and lights take a power nap when ever you leave the house or go to bed. It’s just a flick of the wrist and that switch to send love to our planet and reduce your electricity bill at the same time! Taking a power nap is a winning situation for both you and the planet. So remember to power down when you can.

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