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Crazy Vegan Recipes – You Need to try!

Some people imagine vegan dishes being pretty simple and basic, but alas they are wrong! There are many vegan food bloggers breaking the norm with exciting and crazy vegan recipes. We are going to give them a try, and so should you! Check out our top 5...

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Making friends with the Fennec Fox

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="500"] Image Source: Workman[/caption] With it's cute large pointy ears and cheeky grin, the Fennec Fox is super adorable and a little creature you'll never forget! Originating from the sizzling Sahara Desert of northern Africa and far east Kuwait, this furry mammal has many...

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Our Top 3 Vegan Ice Cream recipes!

I hear many people say but how? How does one create ice cream without Milk? You will be super, duper surprised at the innovative and delicious way food bloggers and vegan gurus online have switched up your favourite ice cream. Plus making your dessert at...

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Making friends with a Capybara

We love our furry friends here at The Great Beyond, this week we wanted to learn all things Capybara! The largest rodent in the world whose ancestors are the Guinea Pig and the Rabbit. With an extremely friendly nature and an endless love towards other...

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Did you say Vegan cheese? Our top picks!

The transition from Vegetarian to Vegan can be smooth and easy but some still lust for the taste of creamy cheese (vegan cheese). But never fear! We have found our top picks for Vegan cheese, all from nacho to melting cheese goodness, we have you...

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Top 10 Vegan Christmas Recipes

In the spirit of the festive season we decided to count down our top 10 vegan christmas recipes from across the globe. Why indulge on a vegan dish on Christmas, well why not? Not only will you feel lighter & happier, an animal will be enjoying...

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5 Reasons Why Emma Watson Is Amazing

Emma Watson came into our lives in the form of a young Hermione Granger in the Harry Potter series, we watched her grow into the incredible women she is today and without a doubt, she is living life to the full. Just like her character in...

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5 Monday Pick Me Up Smoothies

As Monday rolls around most people run to the nearest coffee, but have you ever wanted to start of your week just a tad different? Add a bit of sunshine to your Mondays, that makes you feel like screaming "Monday is a good day, I...

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