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Jazmin wears the Helene White Shirt Dress – Shop the Look Here

With a vibrant smile and charming personality we couldn’t think of anyone else to be the face The Great Beyond’s Orbit Collection. This Aussie beauty is soon to take on the fashion industry by storm. So what better way to start than getting to know a little more about her, check out our interview with Jazmin below.

TGB: What is your favourite childhood memory?
JAZMIN: I used to spend a lot of time with my cousin, Josh. We were born about 6 weeks apart, so got up to a lot of mischief together. We got into trouble quite a bit too because we would always leave Bayleigh (one of Josh’s little sisters) out of our games. A game we always played was “extreme hide and seek” but it was really just your basic game of hide and seek – we never hid anywhere that extreme (top shelf in the hallway cupboard was probably my best). But yeah I had heaps of fun with Josh!

TGB: How would you describe your perfect getaway?
JAZMIN: Camping under the stars in the Serengeti. That has been the most breathtaking sight I have ever seen. Everytime I look at the sky from my own home I think about the stars in Africa. No light pollution = sooooo many freaking stars! I can not wait to go back there. Stars are my favourite… Also Tanzania is bloody brilliant so I’d love to go back and see more of Africa one day.

TGB: Potato or Sweet Potato fries?
JAZMIN: Potato. Sorry, sweet potato. No question about it.

TGB: Which piece from the shoot was your favourite?
JAZMIN: This is a hard one!! Comfort wise I love the stone portia pants (and they also look super classy!). Looks wise I love the Helen white dress… actually they were both comfy. I can’t pick!! hahaha! I just love the feel of the fabric from every piece!


Jazmin wears the Helene Blue Shirt Dress – Shop the Look Here

Watch behind the scenes with Jazmin below


TGB: Why is the environment important to you?
JAZMIN: I love being outside and just being able to appreciate the amazing planet we live on so I’d love it to still be this beautiful when our kids and grandkids are running around. This is why the environment is so important to me! There isn’t much that makes me feel more uncomfortable than being surrounded by nothing but concrete. Yuck!

TGB: If you could spend a day with any animal (mythological included) what would it be?
JAZMIN: Honestly my answer would be my dog or a horse, BUT if they were out of play… I think hanging out with a whale would be pretty freakin’ sweet! As long as I could hold my breath and dive down deep in the ocean too.

TGB: What’s your favourite movie of all time and why?
JAZMIN: Pride and Prejudice because Colin Firth.

TGB: What song best describes Jazmin Cash?
JAZMIN: Hold your head up – Mackelmore and Ryan Lewis. Sometimes I feel like I’m not going anywhere or doing anything worthwhile with my life. This song reminds me that life is hard and you’ll have confusing and difficult choices to make along the way. Sometimes you wont make the easiest choice, but no matter what your situation, you can make the most of it and that is up to YOU.

TGB: Finally, what is your final words of wisdom for us?
JAZMIN: Don’t settle for something because it is easy – push yourself to reach the goal you REALLY want to achieve. I really need to learn to push myself more too!


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