Making friends with the Fennec Fox

fennec fox

Image Source: Workman

With it’s cute large pointy ears and cheeky grin, the Fennec Fox is super adorable and a little creature you’ll never forget! Originating from the sizzling Sahara Desert of northern Africa and far east Kuwait, this furry mammal has many amazing qualities that you might not know about! So let’s count down our top 5 facts about the Fennec Fox.

The World’s Smallest Fox

You might think this little fox could be the size of your small Maltese dog or domestic cat but this isn’t the case! The Fennec Fox only stands 8 inches tall and weighs in at 1.3-3.5 pounds. How petite can one fox get?

fennec fox

Image Source: Zoo Palmyre

 Those Furry Feet

How does one little mighty fox get around the desert without burning up? Well this dessert fox knows how to trot around without scorching those simply cute paws. Their paws are extra furry to help them move with ease around the sand dunes in their home the Sahara desert.

It’s all about the ears

With 6 inch long ears, you can expect some extraordinary features to come along with them. These furry ears help the Fennec Fox stay cool, evening out the heat within it mighty little body. These ears have incredible hearing power helping them catch prey (they can even hear the movements of prey underneath the surface of the earth).

fennec fox

Image Source: Sahara Conservation

It’s a family affair

Fennec Foxes are serious about family and stick together, once they find their partner that’s it, just like Penguins. They have a strong sense of family, letting their babies hang around and stay with their parents even up until the next litter. And Fennec Foxes make a lot of babes up to 2 – 5 litters a year! But the male fennec fox is quite the gentlemen bringing food to the love his life while she raises their pups.

Image Source: Animal A Day

They ain’t thirsty

Another captivating feature to this omnivore desert fox for is they don’t need free-standing water. Gathering all their H2O from plants, fruits, roots and eggs. Their body knows how to turn their daily meal into a hydrating one too. How cool is that?

Source: BBCI

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