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Freya wears Luna Crop Top (Shop Here) Elara Wrap Skirt (Shop Here) | Photography Nick Azar | Stylist Aicha Robertson

Straight from the Undress Runways, we managed to steal Freya away for an hour to capture some digital magic. You may remember her from our previous Classics shoot with Jazmin (view here), with a captivating energy on set we needed to get to know more about this Sunshine Coast beauty. From her Tumblr obsession to how she keeps your positivity & confidence in the modelling industry, get to know more about Freya below.


Freya wears Helene Shirt Dress (Shop Here) | Photography Nick Azar | Stylist Aicha Robertson

Which season of the year do you love the most?

Winter! Mostly because of the fashion but also there’s nothing better than a crisp winters day all rugged up inside with Netflix and hot chocolate.

What makes you happy?

It’s so cliche but I’d have to just say family and friends, nothing makes me happier then hanging out with friends and being with my family. I LOVE meeting new people and making new friends. Also my cat, he’s a sweetie.

What are you passionate about at the moment?

Lately I’ve become really passionate about modelling, I used to do it as a bit of fun but it’s turning into one of my main focuses/passions. I love promoting different designers and getting my photos back after photo shoots, it’s so fulfilling and fun!

Beach day or mountain hike?

Oh definitely a mountain hike, you’d have to pay me to spend a whole day in the sticky sand and sun, sunburn and dehydration is never fun!

Tumblr or Facebook?

I’m obsessed with Tumblr! I’ve had my account for about 5 years now and it’s such a good way to express yourself whether it be with aesthetics, fashion, feelings or even just to share a story. I’m not really a big Facebook user anymore, I only have it to stay in contact with old friends and share cat videos.

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Why is the environment important to you?

I’ve been brought up to respect the environment and do what I can to leave as little imprint on this world as possible, whether it be by using sustainable materials, recycling, saving water, protecting flora/fauna. It’s always been extremely important to me because we only get one Earth and us humans have already damaged it so much, so we have to do everything we can do to preserve what we have left for future generations.

How do you prepare for a runway show?

I eat healthy and exercise leading up to the event, which is a must! And on the day I try drink plenty of water and stay focused on the goal (not falling on my face), though it’s always good to keep yourself somewhat distracted so the nerves don’t get to you.

On that note, runway or photo shoots?

So far it’s definitely runways! I’ve been so blessed to be apart of such amazing shows and meet so many amazing people. Every time I do a runway I meet new friends and get to walk such amazing clothes, I love photo shoots as well but nothing beats strutting down the runway and being super sassy.

What’s your favourite Orbit collection design?

The ‘Elara Wrap Skirt’ has to be my fave, it’s so flattering and versatile. You can pair it with anything in your wardrobe and it looks amazing, it can be casual or fancy, so many possibilities! Other then the skirt I love the ‘Helene Dress’ in black which I got to walk down the runway for Undress Runways!


What colour best describes you?

Yellow! It’s fun, outgoing and can look a little crazy just like me, it’s also my favourite colour.

Favourite tune at the moment?

‘In the Night’ by The Weeknd has to be my favourite at the moment, it has such a cool beat. Other then that it’s anything Beyoncé!

Words of wisdom for aspiring models?

Don’t be too serious about it! Modelling is an industry with so much rejection and negativity so it’s super important to just have fun and enjoy it as it comes, you may be knocked down or told you’re not good enough but if you’re passionate enough (or are blessed with the right look) you’ll make it! Also, be confident! Confidence is key, it’ll get you noticed and help you make friends in the industry, and of course help you if you ever encounter people who aren’t so nice.


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