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Maya & Chelsea wear the Helene Shirt Dress (Shop Here)

From Yoga retreats in Bali to Halloween in Japan, Maya & Chelsea certainly know how to have fun around the globe. These Brisbane girls always make the most of life, in between their work & study, Maya & Chelsea created their own fashion-sphere on Instagram called @thelookalikes check them out here. With every Instagram snap they showcase some of their most fomo-worthy (fomo = fear of missing out) content, only a few weeks ago they were scaling the Sydney Harbour bridge! Need we say more? Alongside their amazing adventures both girls have an amazing sense of style with a passion for sneakers & simply chic designs, The Great Beyond team caught up with Maya & Chelsea to learn more about the twins behind the image. See the shoot & full interview below!


It’s all In the stride – Maya & Chelsea wear the Luna crop top (shop here) and Portia Pant (shop here)

TGB: Favourite thing about summer?
M&C: Definitely the beach!

TGB: Who is your style icons at the moment?
M&C: Its hard not to ignore best friend duo Gigi & Kendall and the rest of their clique, they are so fab! We love them mostly because they can wear literally anything and maintain their ”cool’ factor!

TGB: Any hidden talents?
M&C: Chels is amazing at drawing with charcoal!

TGB: Maldives or New York?
M&C: New York New York!!!

TGB: Instagram or Snapchat?
M&C: Instagram! Although we do love a good Snapchat story!


TGB: When did you both start fashion blogging?
M&C: A little under 2 years ago

TGB: Where do you see The Lookalikes in the future?
M&C: We really have a lot of fun with thelookalikes so are always looking for new things to try, in the future we would love to start a blog and become a bit more interactive with our followers! Creating a platform to include our style, travels and tips along with everything in between!

TGB: Best thing about being twins?
M&C: You always have each other

TGB: What’s your favourite Instagram filter?
M&C: Maya loves Aden & Chelsea’s favourite is Slumber!

TGB: What’s your favourite The Great Beyond design?
M&C: The Helene Shirt


TGB: You both love to travel, which destination would you like to visit next?
M&C: Bali! Our mum lives there and we love to go and see her, we are well overdue for a visit!

TGB: Words of wisdom for aspiring fashion bloggers?
M&C: Stay authentic! Stick to your own style, don’t just follow what everyone else is doing! Remember your followers follow you because they want to see you and your own creative ideas.

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