Radical Summer

The Great Beyond (or TGB Clothing) is a new sustainable bamboo clothing label based in sunny Queensland, Australia. Our vision is to create eco-friendly fashion through luxury fabrics and staple pieces that compliment the modern woman and the environment.

We are so thrilled to be live for everyone to experience The Great Beyond, our eco approach to clothing makes each garment just a tad more special! Working with an array of fashion creatives, we aim to bring awareness to pieces that are timeless, chic and classic.

With summer here in Australia, The Great Beyond ventured to the coast to bring to life some of our favourite summer picks! From the Luna Long Dress to the Venus Crop. The best thing with each of our summer picks is bamboo clothing. Fun fact about bamboo clothing is it has a moisture wicking ability. Basically meaning the bamboo fabric wicks water away from the body 3-4 times faster than your regular cotton tee. Which is perfect for the humid and sweaty climates (especially in Queensland) as it will keep your skin cooler and wont cling to your body! What an added bonus, clothes that work for you and your environment.

Check out our radical summer shoot below, photographed by Nick Azar (our head designer at TGB Clothing) and modeled by our Brand Manager Aicha.

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Photography: Azar

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