Top 5 UK Fashion Bloggers

The Great Beyond loves virtually meeting and working with fashion bloggers across the globe! So we have decided to count down our Top 5 favourites per country, our next stop is the UK Fashion Bloggers! So this Top 5 list will have a little twist on it, we will have a mix of major fashion bloggers and up and coming. (Gotta support the emerging creatives!) We also have added in honorary mentions at the bottom because we simply have too many we love! Oh! And another note the blogger has to be currently living in the said country to be in the list and have a website platform. So without further a letter typed, here we go.

No. 1 – Style Bubble 

She is one of the first fashion blogs I ever followed or knew of back in the early years of fashion bloggers. I guess you could call her a pioneer, based in London, Susie launched her fashion blog ‘Style Bubble’ in March 2006. Style Bubble is filled to the brim with her fashion discoveries from personal shoots to spotlights on emerging designers. In 2008-2010 Susie was the editor of Dazed Digital, the virtual platform of Dazed & Confused. Now Susie freelances & writes for Style Bubble full time now, you can read her written pieces on Elle & Dazed Digital. Now that’s impressive! Visit her website here or follow her on Instagram @susiebubble

No. 2 Camille Over The Rainbow

With a touch of luxe and a passion for emerging designers Camille Charriere has been sharing her love for fashion since 2010. Prior starting her fashion blog Camille Over The Rainbow or COTR, Camille worked with Net-A-Porter & Matches Fashion. Over the years since the launch of her blog she has worked with H&M, Chloe, Calvin Klein & Acne Studios to nae a few! COTR is a sublime source of fashion inspiration, make sure to check out her blog here and her Instagram @camillecharriere

No. 3 WishWishWish

With a love for furry animals, 60’s chic and a passion for fashion, Carrie started her fashion blog WishWishWish when she was 17 years old. From sharing her personal thoughts on LiveJournal, Carrie has created her own online empire from sharing her own fashion looks, beauty tips and travel destinations. WishWishWish is a dreamy destination full of vibrant colour and gorgeous fashion. Check out her blog here and follow her on Instagram @wishwishwish

No. 4 Bisous Natasha

Bisous Natasha is where editorial meets everyday street style, created in 2013 by Natasha Ndlovu. With a love for phtoography, videos and writing, you can find Natasha showing off her latest style finds day to day, in the most glamorous fashion. From features in Vanity Fair, British Vogue and Hunger Magazine to collaborations with Jimmy Choo, Tops and ASOS, Natasha Ndlovu is making her mark in the fashion world. Check out her website here and see her Instagram @natashandlovu

No. 5 What Olivia Did

With a love for baking, hanging out with her furry best friend Maggie, Olivia has been sharing her world with the internet since 2010. What Olivia Did shares Olivia’s vibrant & fun approach to fashion along with her tales of travelling, cooking, beauty and music! You can visit her website here and follow her on Instagram @livpurvis.

Honorary Mentions

5 Inch and Up

Fashion Me Now


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