Top 5 Vegan Desserts – You have to see to believe!

As the Vegan lifestyle is is excelling in all ways possible, we see more and more incredible food brands jumping on the band wagon. Only recently Ben & Jerry’s announced their Vegan ice cream range & trust me, all of us at The Great Beyond simply can’t wait to taste these Vegan delights. But there is plenty more fish in the sea, so we are counting down Top 5 Vegan Desserts – You have to see to believe! But first check out the taste test below of the new Ben & Jerry’s vegan ice cream!

Number 1

The Vegan Cinnamon Roll

It’s real, it’s delicious and trust me once you try one you’ll never go back to the average cinnamon roll!
Get this recipe here from the Minimalistic Baker

Oh my my! Image from The Minimalist Baker

Number 2

Did someone say Vegan Brownies? Get the recipe here

Delish! Image from Vegan Richa

Number 3

Who said you couldn’t add some Vegan caramel to your popcorn? Get the recipe here

Pass the popcorn! Image from Cookie and Kate

Number 4

Like something a bit more creamier? Try this Amaretto-spiked chocolate mousse – get the recipe here

Mmm so creamy! Image from 101 Cookbooks

Number 5

The grand finale Vegan Brownie Chocolate Ice cream! come get it – recipe here

#CantBelieveItsVegan – Image from Minimalist Baker

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